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Attracting Birds, Butterflies and Other Backyard Wildlife Book Review

Did you know that May is Garden for Wildlife months? May is the perfect time to make your yard or garden wildlife friendly and tonight on #gardenchat Live and Twitter we are going to help you find out more about how you can do this. Whether you’re a gardening novice with a small balcony or a gardening veteran with a few acres…..

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broom corn in bouquet

How to Grow Broom Corn

One of my favorite things to grow that I use to decorate with is broom corn. In this post I share some basic tips and tricks on how to grow broom corn.

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Daisy Fleabane

Daisy Fleabane in My Home Garden

Just a quick post to share the beautiful little flower I found in my garden today.  I didn’t plant it… maybe a bird?  Who knows but it is something I don’t want to forget. Daisy Fleabane I have to be honest – I didn’t know the name of this plant.  I asked on my GardenChat

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Ember Wave Western Arborvitea | Late Summer

Ember Waves Western Arborvitae Review

This was my fifth year enjoying the amazing Ember Waves Western Arborvitae in my home garden. In this post I share a few images and video featuring this beautiful shrub at the end of summer.  I hope you scroll down and check out what I personally have to share about this shrub. Ember Waves Western

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Cooper's Hawk in the Oak Tree

Cooper’s Hawk In My Backyard

What a surprise to find this amazing bird family only feet from my front door.  The birds have returned to a nest that was up in the oak tree.  Judging by their appearance I am very sure they are Cooper’s Hawk.  Check out the video and images in this post and you decide. Cooper’s Hawk

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carp on canva

Nature Watching Carp Spawn In My Spring Meadow

This is a short video featuring my front meadow in early May after a late winter thaw and spring showers.  In 2019 the rain just wouldn’t stop in Northwest Ohio and other parts of the Midwest.  Experiencing record floods and late planting season.  This is content from the Carp Spawn in My Spring Meadow. Carp

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Gardening with Volunteers

Sunflower Volunteers in my Home Garden

In this post, I want to share with you some of the beautiful happy volunteers that have come up in my garden over the years.  One of the biggest surprises has been sunflower volunteers. In My Garden The Sunflower Volunteer In the video below I share just how beautiful this sunflower really is.  The plant

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milkweed with caterpillar

Butterfly Garden Update

In this post, I share a video featuring the Butterfly Garden I kind of ‘threw’ together this year.  I hope you enjoy the video and a few of my personal recommendations. Butterfly Garden Update This video was originally captured on a live stream for Facebook group GardenChat.  You can find out more about that group

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bird eating oranges

How To Welcome Baltimore Oriole To Your Home Garden

In this post I share how I welcome the Baltimore Oriole in my home garden.  You will see video, images and grab some links to great products Bren recommends. The Baltimore Oriole In My Home Garden The key to inviting these birds to your home garden is to provide a place they will love.  Shelter

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fragrant white blooms

Black Tartarian Cherry Tree

In this post I share photos of our two Black Tartarian Cherry Trees growing at the entrance of our orchard.  You will see video of the trees and creative images. Black Tartarian Cherry Tree Video After a calm late April rain I captured this video.  The scent of the blooms is very lite but the

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Green Giant Tag Information

Exploring the Green Giant Arborvitae In Brens’ Home Garden

In today’s post, I am sharing fun information about the Thuja ‘Green Giant’ arborvitae growing in my landscape. This shrub was one of 4 I received for an unboxing project that turned into a conifer experiment. Green Giant Arborvitae In Brens’ Garden The Thuja standishii x plicata ‘green giant’  arborvitae This wispy 3 feet tall

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Handful of Dahlias and Roses After Frost

Roses VS. Dahlias in The Autumn Home Garden

Pink Dahlia in Autumn Roses and Dahlias in the Landscape Puppy Love Bouquet Red Rose and Dahlias Autumn Previous Next Dahlias are a beautiful companion plant for the rose shrub. In this post, we discuss roses vs. dahlias in the autumn home garden. Dahlias VS Roses In The Autumn Home Garden Chances are if you

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