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Pizza loaded with veggies

Xtrema Ceramic Pizza Recipe Ideas

In this post, I share an easy way to make up a pizza in the oven with a ceramic pizza pan.  This is a great recipe to use during the winter months when you want to ‘fire up’ the big oven indoors. Friday Pizza Night Using a New Ceramic Pan You are going to want 

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Pizza Night Favorite

No Cook Pizza Sauce Recipe

Fresh is best and something you don’t always get when you order pizza delivery.  When you grow your own vegetables and herbs it is easy to whip up creative pizza that is healthy for your family. In today’s post, I share a super easy creative pizza sauce you can print and add to your recipe

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Arugula Pizza

Homegrown Arugula and Wild Mushrooms Pizza Recipe

Arugula is one of my favorite greens to grow year-round. Not only because it is super easy to grow but because the flavor is out of this world!  In this post, I share my homegrown Arugula and wild mushroom pizza recipe. Hummus Pizza With Arugula and Wild Mushrooms One of the first seeds I grew

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Loaded Veggie Pizza

Easy To Create Rustic Veggie Loaded Easy Pizza Recipe

Friday is traditionally Pizza Nite in my home and garden.  In this post, I share a veggie-loaded easy Pizza recipe you’ll want to create every night of the week. Loaded Veggie Pizza Recipe With this recipe using Naan bread, you can have pizza night any day of the week.  Naan bread is super easy to

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homemade pizza sauce

Celebrate Fresh Friday with Homemade Pizza Sauce

At the present time, my favorite night to prepare dinner is Friday. In fact,  I’ve created a homemade pizza sauce to celebrate Friday. While the week comes to an end my family and I are able to gather on this day. What better way to connect with one another than to get in the kitchen and make a pizza.  

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news thumbnaio


News From The Desk of Bren Haas I’ve been frustrated with where to share my thoughts on social media and the web as a whole.  I decided to start a quick NEWS page here on my site where I can share like I use to on Twitter and Facebook.  I hope you will  reach out

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basil from indoor garden

Garden Fresh Creamy Pesto Recipe

Easy and fresh are a given when you grow your own herbs.  One of the easiest herbs to grow in the summer garden is basil.  I want to share with you a quick and extremely easy recipe that you are going to love. In this post enjoy my garden fresh creamy pesto recipe. Garden Fresh

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Short Ribs with Wine and Thyme

Braised Short Ribs Recipe Prepared in Pressure Cooker

Nervous about using wine in your cooking?  Don’t be!  In this recipe posted  I share how I personally create a fantastic 5-star meal using a pressure cooker, wine, and short ribs!  Your dinner guest or significant other will be impressed with the flavor while you spend little time preparing.  Be sure to take advantage of the

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