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Mastering The Art of Vegetable Gardening Book Review

Mastering the ART of Vegetable Gardening Book Review

This is not your grandmas gardening book trust me… this publication by Matt Mattus will be your favorite.  Filled with creative images and growing information featuring the latest growing techniques and varieties.  This post is my honest review of Mastering the ART of Vegetable Gardening. Mastering The Art of Vegetable Gardening Book Review hardcover book

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Saffron Crocus Bulb Order

How to Grow Saffron Crocus

A few years back I was trying to find the spice Saffron locally but had to purchase online.  It was EXPENSIVE and now after finding my own saffron crocus bulbs to grow I see way.  In this post I share how to grow saffron along with a few fun facts about the plant. How to

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Turkey in Roasting Pan

How to Prepare A Tasty Turkey for Thanksgiving

It is tasty thanksgiving turkey time of year!  Let’s take a close look at how to prepare the Thanksgiving turkey along with herbs and other ingredients you can grow. Find my recipe and cooking facts in this post. How to Cook A Tasty Turkey Basics It’s my favorite time of year where we use fresh

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Pumpkin Pie Recipe with Fresh Whip Cream

The Perfect Pumpkin Pie Recipe

The best scents during the Autumn season are those coming from the kitchen in our home.  It isn’t truly leaf raking season until a homemade pumpkin pie is in the oven.  Some of the best pies I’ve ever had (and made) are from fresh ingredients.  A while back I got to join Master Food Preservationist

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Blooming Now in My Garden June

Blooming Now On A June Garden Walk

Previous Next In this post I share a video featuring what is Blooming Now on A June Garden Walk.  Check out the video and a few photos feature in this article. Blooming Now on A June Garden Walk Video It is always so much fun to do a walk about the garden.  In this video

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cookies in a tin

Snowball Cookie Recipe

In this post, I share one of my many favorite Christmas cookie recipes.   This is the snowball cookie recipe that has many different names. A printable recipe and images showing how easy it is to make in this post. Snowball Cookie Ingredients The number one thing to remember is to ground the nut you decide

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facebook apps

Remove Audio Using Facebook Messenger App

In this post, I share a quick tutorial video on how to remove audio using Facebook Messenger App.  I have a love-hate relationship with Messenger by Facebook.  Once you understand how to use it properly it really isn’t that bad.  In fact, it has been a great way for me to connect with interesting people

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cabbage rolls for dinner

Stuffed Cabbage Rolls Recipe

 In this post check out what I’ve learned about cooking up a delicious  Stuffed Cabbage Roll.  You will find printable recipe along with a video.  The video features details on how I used my electric instant pot to prepare this meal.   Cabbage Rolls in Different Countries After connecting with a few folks on social media

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Unboxing gifts from Utah!

Gifts From Hell’s Backbone Grill and Farm

In this post, I share a very special unboxing video featuring gifts from Hell’s Backbone Grill and Farm. Check out the video and product recommendations from UTAH! Unboxing Gifts From Hell’s Backbone Grill and Farm What a fun time Oliver and I had unboxing gifts from blake & Jen and the Hellions. It was exciting

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Turmeric in Bloom

How To Grow Your Own Turmeric

In this post, I share how I grow my own turmeric in my home garden.  You will see my video showing what the turmeric plant looks like.  I also share a photo of the plant blooming in the summer. How to Grow Your Own Turmeric The vlog featuring the turmeric I grow in my home

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ham and potato soup on table

Ham and Potato Soup Recipe

In this post learn how to easily create my famous Ham and Potato Soup.  This soup is perfect and easy to create on stovetop or in the pressure cooker. Ham and Potato Soup Recipe This has got to be the most heart soup I’ve had this season using spring vegetables and ham from Easter.  Yes,

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