5 Important Things You Should Know About Tomatoes

There is no denying that one of the highlights of summer is homegrown tomatoes. In today’s post, we discuss 5 Important Things You Should Know About Tomatoes.


tomatoes and peppers from my garden.

5 Things You Should Know

  1. One serving of tomato is loaded with Vitamins A, C, and K.  These ripe treats also are a great source of fiber and because they have lots of water in them they are the fill you up food.
  2. Tomatoes are super easy to process and save for year-round enjoyment.
  3. Tomatoes are a natural cancer fighter because of the Lycopene in each ripe bite!
  4. Determinate Tomatoes are plants that get to a set height and then stop growing. This plant will flower and set their fruits in a very short time.  Determinate tomato plants are usually smaller and are best staked, in containers or caged.
  5. Indeterminate tomatoes plants are crazy growers – meaning they are very viney! IF you don’t prune these they are hard to stake and cage because they can grow up to 8 ft tall.
tomato monster

Indeterminate growing wild at the local restaurant

Favorite Varieties in My Home Garden

I have never grown or purchased a tomato variety that I don’t like.  Below are some of the favorites I’ve grown over the years in my home and garden.


Growing Tomatoes All Over The Place

Here is a small collection of images featuring some of the creative places I’ve grown tomatoes.

Raised Bed Tomatoes

Here is a video featuring some of my favorite tomatoes growing in the raised bed garden I have hardly worked in.  Lots of weeds.. little watering and look who the winners are.  Years ago I would have NEVER shared with you this video featuring the ‘neglected’ growing space.  I know realize it is important to document what works with little assistance in the garden.

Video on YouTube.

Tomatoes in this video include:

  • Beefsteak Atlas by Burpee
  • Chocolate Sprinkles by Bonnie Plants
  • Midnight Snack from Jung Seed
  • volunteer Juliet tomatoes from the birds!

Pop UP Garden

Smart Pot 5 Ft

Smart POts – TOmatoes

Growing my Tomatoes All OVER The Place in My Home & Garden.  I really enjoyed the raised bed garden I added to my Pond Patio Deck 2018. In that Smart Pot Raised Bed system I had 2 large tomato plants, 3 green peppers, and about 6 different herbs.  Stay Tune for Video featuring the progress of this smart pot raised bed garden at the end of the season.  Subscribe to my newsletter for the latest.  A dear garden friend gave me this 5ft Smart Pot (thank you Marty).

Picking a Bowl of Art

Summer fun is picking all the different varieties of tomatoes that are super easy to grow.

sun gold picking with LIly

My Niece has been picking tomatoes with me since she could walk. This year we are picking some colorful varieites she helped grow.


Tomato Growing Tip

If the weather is turning cold or a green tomato falls from the vine just bring it indoors.  Place the tomato on a plate or napkin in a cool out of direct sun location and watch it turn red!

windowsill tomatoes

On My Windowsill


Let’s Connect


This is what I look forward to each summer!

I would love to hear from you … what tomatoes do you enjoy to grow?  Did I inspire you to think about growing tomatoes?

Happy Tomato Growing,

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