5 Simple Ideas to Get Your Garden Party-Ready

You’ve worked hard to get your garden looking lush and inviting, so now’s the time to invite your friend and family over to admire it. Garden parties are a must in the summer, whether you’re planning a family BBQ or a children’s birthday party. Here are a 5 simple ideas to get your garden party ready.

1. Set Up Food And Drink Station

It’s not a party without refreshments, right? So this is one of the first things to think about when you’re getting organised. While a barbecue always goes over well in the summertime, you could also think about other themes that will fit the overall vibe of your garden. Do you have tropical plants? Throw a festive luau. Mediterranean mezzo is also party-ready food that goes well with a garden featuring water fountains and ceramic tiles. And if all else fails, go for a charming picnic spread. Lay out the blankets on the lawn and serve up finger sandwiches.

Geranium Collection
I grow many different scented geraniums especially citronella. They say citronella scent keeps the mosquito away so I use lots of it on my patio when entertaining.

2. Keeping Bugs at Bay

Now, we know that insects do a lot of hard work in the garden and you may have planted bee-friendly flowers like lavender specifically to attract them. However, bugs and parties don’t mix  so you need to be strategic about where you place these flowering plants. If you know there are certain floral that insects love, plant these away from the barbecue and seating areas. You can also position bright lights away from the festivities to attract moths and flies in the evening, and trap pesky wasps in jam jars.

3. Creative Seating 

Seating can be a decorative element in any garden  but it’s often overlooked. Look beyond the usual wicker to include rustic metal benches or sleek banquettes on your lawn. Are you short on space? Portable deck chairs or bean bags can be hidden away before and after the party.

4. Create Kid Friendly Garden Activity

You may not have the space to create a manicured maze to amaze your youngest guests, but there are plenty of ways to keep them busy. Set up some raised flower beds and encourage them to plant seeds, or create an outdoor photo booth with princess costumes or Star Wars fancy dress to play around with. Lawn games are also welcome for all ages, whether you have a croquet set or soft nerf balls.

plant kid friendly
The swing set with a fort in our home garden is always ready for kids to enjoy.

5. Get a Pulled Together Look with Potted Plants

Cut Flowers from Veggie Garden

Whether you prefer a well-curated garden or the wild look, you can tie in a color scheme with a few strategically-arranged potted plants. Put these in the main entertaining area to draw your guests’ eyes to bright blooms of geraniums or trailing ivy.

Let’s Connect

And on a final note – don’t wait until the last minute to do your wedding. A little goes a long way to get your garden looking spick and span, but it’s best to keep on top of it in the weeks leading up to the party. That way, you’ll be able to put your primary focus on entertainment, food, and drink!

Bren Haas

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