4 Spectacular Landscape Shrubs & Trees for Autumn Color

One of the most important things about having a home garden is spectacular color in Autumn. In this post I share 4 Spectacular Landscape Shrubs & Trees for Autumn Color.
brenhaas_treeAutumn (3)It’s no secret that most home gardeners are ready for a break from gardening once Autumn arrives.  I’ve noticed over the years that their blog post start showing Holiday DIY and houseplant documentation. Autumn is a great time to find great trees and shrubs needing a home from garden center clearance racks.  In this post, I am sharing with you 4 of my personal favorites you can find at garden centers that will provide amazing color in Autumn before the leaves drop!

4 Spectacular Landscape Shrubs & Trees for Autumn Color

Although there are 100’s of different trees and shrubs in my hardiness zone that will provide amazing color in Autumn.  Below are the four that I have personal experience growing and enjoying in NW Ohio.  As always, I would love to hear from you and what your favorites for Autumn color are so sure to scroll to the bottom of post and comment.


In my garden, I have grown many different varieties of spirea. The spirea can grow up to 6 feet tall but is easy to shape and keep at a size you may want in the landscape.  The one featured in this post was planted in 2004 and I prune it back in early spring before the flower buds start to form.  The spirea not only gives a beautiful color show in Autumn it attracts pollinators in the spring and summer with its small blooms.

Smoke Tree 

This tree is amazing in the summer as it puffs into a cloud (wispy clumps of filaments) in late spring.  In the Autumn it shows off a beautiful burgundy or orange leaves and is usually the last to drop its leaves during the winter months. The smoke tree does well in most any soil and loves at least 6 hours or more of full – unfiltered sun.


This is the tree that is truly unique in the Midwest landscapes.  It’s caricaturists make it a show stopper all seasons in my landscapes but I can honestly say that Autumn is my favorite season to enjoy this tree.  The leaves quickly turn a bright yellow and stay until the first hard frost of the season.  When the sun hits the tree the morning after the hard front all the leaves fall at once.

Ginkgo is an herb. The leaves are generally used to make “extracts” that are used as medicine according to WebMD. 

Ornamental Pear 

Many of the ornamental pears are listed as invasive and I’m not sure that applies to my area.  I have over a dozen planted in my landscape here on close to 20 acres and they do nothing but put on a wonderful show in spring, summer and autumn.  The only problem I’ve had with my trees is one broken in half during a wind storm but over the past two years it has healed up very nicely making it hard to tell it ever happen.

More of my Autumn Landscape

We don’t get snow before Thanksgiving that often in NW Ohio.  In the video below I share the day we got snow on the Autumn color.  Watch close for my favorites mentioned in this blog post.

Did you spot a new favorite?  I share more about Autumn on my website. 

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