Grow Tons of Fresh Food in Any Space!

John Murphy use to not eat fruit and veggies daily until he started growing his own in this really cool product featured in today’s presentation.  John is the creator of Lettuce Evolve which is featured on a KickStarter program that was launched in mid- January 2016.  In today’s presentation John shares with me all about his adventure and some advice on how you can get growing your own organic food!

Grow Tons of Fresh Food in Any Space with John Murphy

Easy to Grow Anywhere 


Fish Are Farmers

insulated tank : Lettuce Evolve

I love that you can grow just about anywhere with this product but the FISH FACTOR is really awesome!!!

The fish provide one of nature’s most potent fertilizers. Plants grow up to 3x faster because there is a constant supply of nutrients delivered directly to the roots. No harmful substances can be used in the system or it will destroy the ecosystem. Nature is in control and doing all of the work, this is as natural as it gets. Read more at : Lettuce Evolve Website 


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Lettuce Evolve Website 

It’s not everyday you find a really cool product like this…. I’m very impressed with what John had to share with us today.  What do you think?  Would you eat more organic food if you could grow your own?  
Happy Gardening … and I hope to BLAB with you soon,

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