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Garden Shows and Events happen around the world daily. In this category you will find coverage of the events that have caught my eye on social media. The information in these post are loaded with images, videos and other inspiration designed to get you in the garden.

Why Attend a Garden Blogger Conference : The Party

Remember that song by 80’s sensation The Rovers titled ‘Wasn’t that a party’? I was 11 when that song came out and the catchy lyrics still haunt me. This past week I was at the Garden Blogger Conference presented by Esteem Media in Atlanta Georgia and let me tell you my head feels like a football not because of any drinking that was provided at the event but because of the….Read More

Perfect Valentine’s Day : Attend a Seed Swap!

Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine … not just another Hallmark Holiday. I use to love Valentine’s Day as a kid making up cards to give to everyone. This year I’m asking my sweetheart to attend a seed swap with me! Don’t miss the exciting information about a local seed swap going on this weekend along with a photo collection of vintage Valentine’s Cards.

Why You Should Attend a Seed Swap

Why attend a local seed swap? Meet some amazing people who enjoy growing and collect seeds that you won’t find any where else. I’m excited to share with you these awesome seed swap events on this post today. Come collect some seeds!