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I am a Garden Foodie and this is where you will find my recipes I love to use from the Garden to Kitchen.

Tomatillo Garden Fresh

If you are going to do some veggie gardening why not make it last and make it FUN?!
Today I am using a favorite recipe of mine with a new twist to make Salsa Verde – Tomatillo Salsa. The recipe changes each time I make it but you can guarantee it is always a party pleaser! One thing that never changes in the recipe is the GARDEN FRESH added to each recipe.

Stop by to check out the recipe and some fun pictures from the canning experience!

Making the Herb Oils 1st

I have yet to create & share a video share from Garden to Kitchen! I love sharing favorite recipes prepared from the veggies and herbs that we grow here in the garden. I was hesitating to post this video because...........