Tips For A Healthy Thanksgiving

My turkey 2013

My 18 lb Turkey filled with herbs and veggies from my garden and greenhouse.

When it comes to Thanksgiving, it’s all about loading up the plate with amazing recipes loaded with carbs in my family.  But just how healthy is everything? I recently came across this chart by  The Daily Meal, the world’s largest food and drink lifestyle site, who just unveiled its list of 26 Tips for a Healthy and Happy Thanksgiving from Top Nutritionists.  I love the tips and ideas they share and want to pass them along to you before we load up on the carbs again this Thanksgiving!

Rank List of Tips
1 Be Active
2 Bring Healthy Alternatives
3 Come To Thanksgiving Hungry, But Not Starving
4 Continue Your Healthy Routine
5 Cut Your Portions in Half
6 Do Not Restrict Yourself
7 Drink Healthily
8 If You Really Want It, Do Not Deprive Yourself Completely
9 Keep Your Appetizer Small
10 Make Your Plate Colorful
11 Pace Yourself
12 Portion-Size Your Dinner
13 Practice Mindfulness
14 Stay Hydrated
15 Take Advantage of Nutritious Foods
16 What to Eat: Homemade Cranberry Sauce
17 What to Eat: Sweet Potatoes
18 What to Eat: Turkey
19 What to Eat: Vegetables
20 What Not to Eat: Canned Cranberry Sauce
21 What Not to Eat: Green Bean Casserole
22 What Not to Eat: Mac & Cheese
23 What Not to Eat: Mashed Potatoes
24 What Not to Eat: Pecan Pie
25 What Not to Eat: Stuffing
26 Your Perfect Plate

Quotes from Top Nutritionist

“Restricting yourself from your favorite foods is never a good idea but you can definitely avoid a food coma if you fill your plate with healthy foods, then save room for a small serving of pumpkin pie,” said Angela Carlos, Editor at The Daily Meal.

When it comes to Thanksgiving, preparation for dinner starts when you begin your day. The nutritionists recommend eating balanced meals throughout the day, so that you are not ravenous when you sit down for dinner. If you are trying to get the most out of your calories, you can have a serving of turkey, sweet potatoes, vegetables, and cranberry sauce for the same amount of calories as a serving of mac and cheese.

“It’s all about moderation,” noted Carlos. “While food is a huge focus, it’s not the only important thing, so try to focus on good company and other things you are thankful for.”

Fun Facts and Quotes from The Daily Meal  @TheDailyMeal #26tipsforahealthythanksgiving.

My Thanksgiving
I love filling the turkey with veggies and herbs from my garden. What could be more healthier then something you grew at home?  Well.. sweet corn from the local farmer is awesome too.  Each year I like to preserve the sweet corn to be used at Thanksgiving dinner.

Favorite Recipes I’ve Pinned

Thanksgiving Disasters

I had to share this with you all because it made me laugh watching top chefs share their Thanksgiving horror stories. Yesterday I was feeling super stressed with Thanksgiving just around the corner and I hadn’t picked up my bird yet.  It was so awesome to hear top chef Bobby Flay of Food Network talk about how he gets stressed out at Thanksgiving trying to get all the dishes on the table.  For some  weird reason that made me feel a little better…..
Thanksgiving Favorite Playlist below starts out with ‘Thanksgiving Disasters’ by The Daily Meal. I also have a few of my favorite recipes and Food Network chefs highlighted that I’m inspired by during Thanksgiving meal planning.

Thanksgiving Disasters

What did you think…. I’d love to hear from you with thoughts on staying healthy during the Holiday season.  Do you have a favorite recipe you just can’t live without.  Let’s Connect!   

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone,