Where Do You Find Peace?

Are you a ‘soon as your head hits the pillow you are out’ kind of person or does it take some time to find that inner peace before drifting off to sleep land? I don’t usually have a hard time falling to sleep even during the busy times in my life over the past year and I believe it because my evening relationship with my instagram app.  At the end of each day I’ve made it a ritual to cuddle up with my ipad or iphone and do a quick recap of the garden from past and present.  Reaching out to over 100 million users is the last thing on my mind as I drift off to the peaceful gardens in dreamland.

Last Night I Found Peace in my #Autumn Rose Garden … again

According to the ‘likes’ 20 other people enjoyed my rose share out of the 620 Instagram users who follow me.

Facts About Instagram

  • Instagram launched as an iPhone app in Apple’s App Store on October 6, 2010 and as of October 2012 it had over 100 million users.  Why not share your peace on this network with that big of an audience?!
  • According to statgram.com roughly 58 photographs are being uploaded each second.
  • Instagram is not just for Apple Users, there is an app for the android products as well.


 From My Instagram Shares

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Finding Peaceful Shares on Instagram…..

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4 thoughts on “Where Do You Find Peace?

  1. I am a terrible sleeper! My husband goes to sleep within minutes of laying down while I’m still lying there. Awake. Some of us just aren’t good at sleeping, I suppose. When I’ve got more photos of instagram, I might try your methods of meditating over beautiful memories before drifting off.

  2. Your autumn rose is gorgeous! I love, love the color. I once planted one, but sadly it suffered terribly from black spot and eventually perished.

    Bren, also thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind comment! I look forward to exploring your own blog and seeing more of your beautiful photos.

    1. Thank you for stopping by Deb! Let me know if you decided to get a new rose – I would love to help you with growing tips if I can! There are so many new varieties out that are super easy to grow. Have you tried Knock-Outs or some of the Proven Winner varieties! EASY… hard to kill!

      1. Oh, yes, knock-outs bloom almost continuously, a good ten months out of the year for me. They are very popular roses in my part of the country, for good reason. I also have some rugosas and a wonderful Penelope that grow well.

        Thanks again for your interest in my blog, and for subscribing! I appreciate it.