Isn’t It Wonderful

Many wonder how can I stand to see the lush landscape go from green to bare and almost lifeless.  A few have asked me why do I enjoy living in Ohio especially during the winter months when the temperatures drop way below freezing for many days.  The image above is just one of the many reasons I love being an Ohioan especially during the winter season.


Isn’t it wonderful how snow decorates the landscape?

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8 thoughts on “Isn’t It Wonderful

  1. I can’t believe you let me comment on your blog! Seriously, love this image of your cabin. Looking forward to your Flickr Friday share tomorrow. Happy #FF to you Bren.

  2. Before my gardening days I used to hate winter. I had to do the same things day in and day out, only it was cold. Now I value winter for what it is… a time of rest. Both for the soil and for me. And I desperately need the time indoors to plan! If I could grow year-round I doubt I would take the time to sit down and plan like I do because I wouldn’t want to spend time indoors.

    1. Thanks for commenting #gardenchat friend! I totally can relate to your comment because I use to dread WINTER in Ohio for the most part until we built a greenhouse. Now I really look forward to walking out into the sometimes WAY BELOW FREEZING snow and weather just to get to my beautiful garden under cover. The green in there just keeps me smiling and ready for the warmer days ahead.