Winner Announced / 2 Tickets to the #nwfgs

One of the lively container designs featured at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show 2012

I want to thank everyone who entered the Northwest Flower and Garden Show ticket giveaway  featured on site this week. I look forward to sharing with you at the show in February 2013 using social media.  The qualifying participant chosen using is : Coryanne Ettiene

Congratulations Coryanne and thank you everyone who participated!


If you didn’t win tickets you may want to consider purchasing tickets to the show to give as a special gift this season.  You can find ticket information on the Northwest Flower and Garden website.  I hope to see you at the show!


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3 thoughts on “Winner Announced / 2 Tickets to the #nwfgs

  1. Read through your blogs Bren and thought sadly about the #NWFGS. We’d love to be there to help gardeners learn about mason bees. Unfortunately it’s right in the middle of getting bees/supplies to nurseries, shipping out bees to website customers, and getting our NW mason bee raising gardeners bees for production. :(

    Do you know of any nurseries who would like to team with us?