Hoen’s Garden Center : Cyber Meets Mini Connection Not So Mini

This past week I spent the morning doing two of my passions : Socializing online and vising a local garden center. It was super fun sharing my adventure with the audience following on Twitter and instagram. The communication with the social world and real world is unbelievable if you just know the language.

I did a screen grab of just one of the networks that was following along during my garden center visit. I find this to be a great way to get people thinking about gardening or at least wanting to visit a center. You can follow me on instagram by clicking on the image above. Check out the mini cottage with a few succulents around it. These little creations are totally the THING in the garden world.

Hoen’s Garden Center in Toledo Ohio

This family owned and operated garden center knows their business and uses social networking to the max.  Be sure to check their website out so you can connect with them. Hoen’s Garden Center

Welcome to Hoen’s Garden Center : A Hidden Treasure on Airport Highway in Toledo Area

You will find a HUGE selection of well cared for Christmas Trees in Garden Centers

Mini Gardens … all the rage this year!

Owls and Mini Gardens … Be sure to follow Hoen’s on Twitter to find out about their Mini Garden Workshops going on.

My Friend Kate Copsey Collecting Footage for her radio show airing this week online. <  www.w4wn.com and click the itv button.>

Rustic … I love it and you will find it in your local garden centers.

In the garden center you will only find the plants that work in a mini garden … no confusion that guarantees  success!

Unique designs that are mom and pop garden centers are known for! 

Google Collection from Hoen’s Garden Center Trip December 2012

If you can’t view this album please click on over to my Google+ collection Album .

Please join me and make the Not So Mini Connection by checking out Instagram! I would love to help you with any questions you may have about networking your world on this huge social network so leave me a comment so we can connect!

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5 thoughts on “Hoen’s Garden Center : Cyber Meets Mini Connection Not So Mini

  1. Thank you for sharing this post because I moved from Ohio a few years ago and I miss great garden nurseries like this one. Say Hi to the Hoen Family for me Bren. – Bruce

    1. They are a great family … I noticed you visited my site before and had no idea you were from Ohio! You are #righton about the Hoen Family garden center.

  2. I’ve been following your blog for over a year now and you never seize to amazing me with your images. I’m looking forward to the shows you will share in 2013. Happy Holidays Dear Bren!