Veggie Growing in December

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When the days leading up to Christmas get a little hectic there is always inspiration and a breath of fresh air in the greenhouse.   Click on the images above to find out more about what I’m growing in my Ohio greenhouse.  It is excited to look back and see how things have changed with my growing adventures.  We have so many new veggies growing with the annuals.

FertileFridayI’m sharing my veggies growing in December for Fertilize Friday with my friend Glenda at  I hope you will stop by her beautiful garden and home site and see what she is sharing today.  I always learn so much from this amazing gardener up in Alberta Canada.

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3 thoughts on “Veggie Growing in December

  1. dammit sister girl…your site here just gets better and better! I love this have so much growing on in there!!! I seem to have more mess every time I walk into my greenhouse…it is so full right now of tropicals…and I need more space….oh heck..I need a bigger greenhouse! lol
    thanks for linking in this week. I always love to see you! Missing you garden sis!

    1. Awww… thank you!!! IT is an honor to have you stop by my page. Those images from my gardenhouse were taken with my cell phone because I had my fingers completely covered in soil from that garden gardenia tree. I don’t know what is getting all over that thing ( that white sappy stuff) but the next battle that tree is losing because it is going straight to the compost pile. I don’t want – whatever it is to attach my other plants in the greenhouse.

      Once again .. thank you Glenda for stopping by!

  2. I found your site in a BING search : seriously this is not spam. I want to know if you can grow veggies in a normal house. I live in Michigan.