Not Hard To Find and Super Easy To Grow : Christmas Cactus

Christmas Cactus is the Star of My Sunroom This Week

Every year I grab a Christmas cactus from the garden center in our local grocery store as an impulse purchase.  Who can resists the colorful packaging featuring a seasonal bow and of course the blooms on the plant are to die for!  And for some reason every year this garden enthusiasts ends up with a dead plant before the new year arrives.

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This is the first year the schlumbergera bridgesii (otherwise known as the Christmas Cactus) celebrates it’s first birthday in my sun-room.   You can imaging my surprise last winter when this plant was growing strong in January.  After many years of FAIL growing of this plant I have learned the best way to keep it alive is to LEAVE IT ALONE!  I tend to over water plants.  When I do water this plant it is usually with one of my favorite organic fertilizers.  I only water this plant once a week and keep it in a medium light window which happens to be my north facing room in our home sun-room. My sun-room is where the wood burning stove is located that heats our home here in Ohio.  I am sure to add water to the dish below the plant to provide some moisture ‘action’.

Can you imaging my surprise when I saw these blooms forming ( Image on the left).   I will keep you posted on the blooming period so be sure to follow me on Twitter at @BG_Garden where I share almost on the hour!

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6 thoughts on “Not Hard To Find and Super Easy To Grow : Christmas Cactus

  1. Thank you for sharing your Christmas cactus Bren. A leave it alone plant is the type I like! Reminds me of my lovely grandmother, who had the most phenomenal one, deep pink and flowers forever!! Perhaps she was too busy having fun with her grandchildren to molly coddle the cactus:)

    1. I love it when you stop by my blog and comment … It is wonderful to hear about how this plant brings good memories. Your thoughts of grandma being too busy made me think that maybe I’ve been so busy with social networking that I don’t have so much time to over water?! maybe!!!

  2. For the Christmas plant how much water do you give it a week?
    And did you put it in a larger pot if yes what type of dirt .
    The reason I’m asking I have tried 3 times to grow this plant and a few months later its dead!
    Thank you for any advise.

    1. Great to hear from you Michele! How much water : I use the ‘eye’ method of watering for this plant. I would guess it may have been about 1/3 of a cup of water but I usually just watch that the water covers the top of the soil in the container. NOT TOO WET … just a little drink. The plant tends to like to stay dry. I did transfer the plant to a terracotta container rather then the plastic pot it came in. The soil I used was all organic. You can find all different types at the garden center in various size bags. I hope this helps you … please keep me posted on your plant success.