Olivia – A Pup Who Is Always Happy

It’s #woofwednesday and to celebrate I’m sharing a few of my favorite images of my 8 year old Aussie.   I love the image on the lower right of the collage above because it is one of the rare times I caught my pup grinning.  Some may think it is a snarl or that the dog is unhappy but this is an Aussie smiling!   A few ways you can tell if the dog is smiling is in their eyes.  A happy grin will have soft eyes rather than a hard glare.  Usually when my Olivia is smiling a me she has her butt dancing.    Aussies are wonderful breeds to own and I highly recommend just about anyone to look into becoming an owner of one of these extremely smart breeds.

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One thought on “Olivia – A Pup Who Is Always Happy

  1. Dogs jump up, not to knock you down, but to give a big kiss. A dog kiss isn’t exactly the same as human kisses. Puppies lick the mom-dog’s eyes and face to show deference. Adults give doggy kisses to humans they love and respect and aim at the face. Kneel to let him kiss you (if doggy smooches don’t bother you). Or offer your hand for a sniff-and-smooch instead.