Moving Day #herbchat Guest Host

I’m guest hosting on one of my favorite Twitter Chats tomorrow right in the middle of a very important moving day!  For the past 2 weeks I’ve been cleaning my greenhouse, mixing new soil and digging up all the goodies I don’t want to lose when old man winter arrives in my garden. Tomorrow I will guest hosting on garden writer Geri Laufer Twitter Chat #herbchat sharing information on moving your garden indoors successfully.

Herb Containers Growing Year-Round in Ohio

If you follow my blog or my social presence you know I’m NOT a horticulture expert so don’t be expecting fancy horty names of plants or scientific research quotes being shared.  What I will bring to this Twitter chat is my 3 years of growing year-round in my Ohio greenhouse and my growing successful adventures. Because I’m big on my foodie shares and love to cook it up from my garden to kitchen I will be focusing on herbs and simple veggies you can grow year-round.   If you attend this Twitter chat you will be able to ask questions as well as share your own growing adventures.   I hope you will join us tomorrow at 2 p.m. ET on #herbchat .


You know I love a giveaway that is going to get you in the garden growing successfully!  Tomorrow during the #herbchat 3 lucky ‘ready to grow’ enthusiasts are going to qualify to receive some awesome products I stand behind in my home garden.  Listed below are the products and the steps you need to follow to  qualify for this giveaway.  Please comment on this blog if you have any questions or concerns.


Nifty gadgets used to make watering easy is always a PLUS for any indoor growing situation.  The friendly folks at Liquid Fence is providing a 32 Ounce Plant Care Hanging Plant Waterer.Another important product for growing indoors is something to have on hand when the bugs arrive to crash the growing party.  Being prepare is very important so I totally recommend having a eco-safe, guaranteed – Effective Insect Killer on hand. I love the Liquid Fence sprays because they are chemical free and I don’t have to worry about what I’m filling my growing space with when I use their product.    (Check out my post about the Liquid Fence Wasp Killer... Awesome!!! )  1 person will be receiving these two items ( Giveaway #1 ) during the #herbchat event

tomorrow.  * how to qualify is listed at bottom of this blog post!



Seeds ….. one of the best ways to be successful growing indoors is by starting the seeds in the environment they are going to grow up in!  I’ve grown successfully with seeds from David over at @DollarSeeds in the past 2 years.  David loves his growing experience and wants to share that with you all be offering his Complete Herb Garden kit, as well as a 2013 Go Green Calendar, a DS Pen and a Refrigerator Magnet for this #herbchat giveaway.   You can find out more about David and his DollarSeed products at .   * how to qualify is listed at bottom of this blog post!


You know I’m big on red in my garden and home : I’ve asked my favorite Corona Tools Dude Chris Sabrasse if I could giveaway a couple of pruners that were featured at the #GWA12 event this past weekend.  IF you missed all the red Comfort Gel Fun going on at this event in Arizona you can click over to the Pinterest board to see what the ‘snippin’ and snappin’ was all about!   Someone during the #herbchat taking place tomorrow is going to qualify to receive  the ComfortGell Snips  (FS 3204 ) and the ComfortGel Bypass Pruners BP 3214 .  These are both used in my garden and I can’t imagine growing successfully without them! how to qualify is listed at bottom of this blog post!

HOW TO Qualify : #herbchat Giveaway 10/18

1. Comment on THIS blog post sharing what you grow indoors and why you enjoy the experience.

2. Tweet to me on #herbchat starting NOW until 3 p.m. ET 10/18/2102 : ” Hey @BG_garden – I’m excited to get in the garden with #herbchat  2p.m. ET on Twitter” .

#IF YOU share some love by tweeting out to the giveaway providers it guarantees a better chance of your name being chosen because your tweet will be on featured on the transcript being networked.  Be sure to show some love to @LiquidFence @CoronaTools @DollarSeed during this event on Twitter.


3 names will be announced during the 2-3 p.m. ET twitter event by the guest host : Bren @BG_Garden on Twitter .  I will be using to pick the names that qualify by participating in the two steps listed above on this blog.  If you your name is announced I will post it on my blog and my fan page tomorrow on Facebook and names announced have until Monday 10/22/2012 to email me your shipping information.  IF I don’t hear from you during that time you do not qualify.   *** The companies listed in all 3 giveaways will be sending out the products and  Bren of is not responsible for shipping.


PLEASE NOTE …. I was not paid to mention or promote these products for this event.  I’m just an everyday Ohio gardener who wants to spread some growing love using social media! 


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11 thoughts on “Moving Day #herbchat Guest Host

  1. So far, I’m not growing anything indoors, yet. In the past I’ve grown mostly houseplants and a few rosemary trees. Once the kids arrived and started showing me how much fun it is to make jigsaw puzzles with plant leaves, we stopped having indoor plants. I have some jade plants and spider plants waiting to come inside in a few days.

  2. Hi Brenda! Wish I could join you tomorrow but will be working at senior residences all afternoon with the help of my father. In South FL, we have to take in all our delicate tropicals anytime there is a threat of a freeze, a rare moment. We have to cover our veggies, and take in the orchids, and delicate tropicals and then bring them back outside when the cold snap leaves. Wind chill can be very damaging.

    1. THank you for your support Robert – I love all you do to support the garden industry on social media. I wish you could attend but I totally understand. YOU still can qualify for the giveaways by tweeting now through 3 PM tomorrow!

  3. Hey! I won a boatload of seeds from @dollarseeds last winter and found they performed perfectly. Would love to win more. Of course, Corona Tools are always pleasing to use. My experience with Liquid Fence ends with people I’ve met associated with the company who have always been very likeable. What a great giveaway!

  4. OKAY….I NEED THOSE CORONA TOOLS CUTTERS!!!!!!! My kids made off with my last sharp pair of cutters…were “helping” in the next yard over…and they never brought them back…now…they are gone. GONE!!!! I have officially stooped to using a pair of scissors in the greenhouse yesterday because I don’t have any cutters!!!!
    I suppose I could run to the store and pick up a pair or two…lol…but I think I would rather win a set! lol
    I know I am from Canada…so if that disqualifies me…I am good with that too…

    I am officially gardening ONLY indoors now…several hard frosts have wiped me right out…so it’s back to the renovations inside the house and a few hours a week of dirt therapy in the greenhouse! I grow pretty much anything and everything from annuals to tropicals in my zone 2 greenhouse. If it has leaves…it is fair game!

  5. Very cool and thanks to your sponsors! Love them all. I too am bringing in my containers and trying to save some of my tender plants. I do not have a greenhouse (yet) but have metal shelves in my basement in front of large windows. I bought additional lighting this year to help. I will winter about 20 containers and then start cutting in Early Spring from my stock.

  6. Thanks for coming to Guest Host on #herbchat later today, Bren!

    We are all looking forward to your experiences moving back into the Greenhouse for the winter and finding out your fave potting soil recipe! Thanks for the gifties from Liquid Fence, Dollar Seed and Corona Tools! Best, Geri

  7. The only thing I have managed to grow with my black thumb is HERBS…They are a MUST in my day to day cooking. Well, actually my daughter takes beautiful care of them….rosemary, mint, basil, my herbs.