Clean Up Saturday with Baby Hawk

Busy week ahead with heading to the Independent Garden Center Show and loading up the GMC and throwing a party with LaManda at the Peterson Garden in Chicago. I made a commitment to spend most of the day on Saturday cleaning up around the front landscape of my home. I’m glad I made that choice because I got more accomplished then I thought I would and it was also a great time to energize with my hands in the soil.

Today was a day where time was limited and I need to get the pruning and deadheading done quick so  I used the golf cart, my corona loppers and heavy rake.  One think I must note is to get a job done quick and hassle free you need to have the right tools.

Love the blooms on this low growing grass.  I tweeted to  find out what the name of it was and @Betweenthelimes and @kublieya tell me it is Liriope muscari.

This little landscape area around the pond deck has been saved by the fact that I didn’t do a good clean up in late June like I normally do.  The leaves and over growth of weed helped hold the moisture in during the drought.  I think this area is looking lush and ready to bloom with yellow blooming sedum about to open under the Liriope muscari. The leaves on the dogwood got a little fried but they have new growth as well so I’m not worried.



Sharing a quick video I did with my iphone just after finishing up the clean up job.  I just had to share the baby hawk that was singing while I was doing my clean up this evening.

I hope you find time to energize while cleaning up or just enjoying a walk in nature this weekend.

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3 thoughts on “Clean Up Saturday with Baby Hawk

  1. Bren, I enjoyed reading about your clean-up day in the garden and I enjoyed watching the video. My cat Meme is sitting here with me and he enjoyed hearing the baby hawk as well!…I think it is great how you take folks on virtual tours of your BG_garden. It is lovely. You are the “real deal” of gardening blogs who not only talks the talk but walks the walk.

    1. Thank you for such a kind comment Cindy! I’m the real deal super tired right now too … getting ready to head to Chicago to bring the #IGC12 show to everyone in the social world. I’ll try and write a blog post tomorrow about it. Thanks again – your words are so kind!