Bring The Berry Revolution to Your Home Garden

It use to be you could only have your own farm fresh fruit if you had the property to grow them.  Today there are many different varieties of fruit trees and shrubs that have been cultivated for the small space grower.  If you follow my blog you know that I live in the country in Ohio and we have many different types of fruit and berry trees on our 16+ acres.  When we lived in the neighboring small town 9 years ago and we moved to this spacious property I was sure to bring my raspberries.  Luckily, the space we had in town had the perfect location for raspberries and even a trellis to grow them around so I was able to get enough berries to enjoy canning my own jams.  Once you’ve grown your own raspberries you will understand why I went to the trouble of transplanting those berries.  We have wild raspberries growing in the back meadow as well as a 3’x 8′ section of red raspberries growing near the veggie garden and now I have a few in containers growing on my front porch.

Envious of the Small Space Gardener Or Just Addicted To Growing My Own  –  Rasberries by BrazelBerries Growing on My Front Porch

I started growing these Brazel Berries by Fall Creek –  Shortcake Raspberries a little over a month ago after connecting with Garden Media Group.  I’m ecstatic to get them growing in a favorite container on my front porch even though it is too early to have had a harvest.  I’m hoping this variety which is guaranteed to give me at least a handful the first year produces before I have to move this plant to the greenhouse to protect from frost.  I forget that I’m waiting for the fruit to form because the foliage of this plant is just gorgeous.

New Branches Weekly on My Brazel Berry Raspberry!

Some of the benefits of having this plant easy to access is that I can keep the birds and other critters away from the harvest.  Many of my strawberries, plums and raspberries that grow out in the garden get eaten before we can pick them for our enjoyment.  I can also keep track of if it appears to need water and control the part shade this variety is noted to need to grow healthy.   Having this plant in a container will make it easy to move in the Autumn before the frost arrives to my greenhouse.   Who knows, maybe we will get some berries in the middle of winter thanks to the heated greenhouse!

Nothing like picking your own fruit for a cool Summer treat

Please note that I’ve been Tweeting about my fruits and veggies growing here in my Ohio Garden and I will be sure to be ‘woot woot-ing’ when those berries arrive.


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17 thoughts on “Bring The Berry Revolution to Your Home Garden

  1. I have never heard of Brazel berries, will have to check them out. There is nothing better than being able to pick your fruit right in your own backyard. Love making jam and eating berries fresh with yogurt.

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  4. Interesting many thanks, there’s no doubt that your trusty followers may want even more reviews like this carry on the excellent work!

  5. Hi Bren. :) Saw your post linked at Prides Corners Farms’ site. Growing them in the greenhouse in winter? I’m curious as to if that will work, so will keep following.

    Some fruit needs a chill period, such as blueberries and apples, with considerable variation between varieties. Not sure about raspberries, or that particular one . At our lattitudes (I’m in upstate NY) we usually don’t have to worry about such things as not enough chill. 😉

    1. hmmm…. good point on the chill time. I will see the team from Brazel Berries at IGC12 in Chicago this month so I will be sure to ask them if I can do such a thing as bring those berries in the greenhouse for the winter. Thanks for leaving a comment and I will keep you posted.

  6. I’m interested in brazelberryes and am wondering how yours are doing. I keep looking at the adds for them but $31.95 plus shipping is a lot to pay for a raspberry bush. Is it worth the money?? I live is southern california. Hot summers and mild winters. I would love to hear how yours are doing now that you have had them for a while.

    1. Marty – I have my favorites growing on my front porch this year. I’ve shared images on my Instagram and on Twitter. I will do another blog post update!

  7. I got a brazzleberry from White Farms, living in North Florida I am skeptical but it says to zone 9 so thought I would give it a shot. after 2 weeks new shoots of growth appears but has not done much after like it slowed to a stop. It’s in a large container, mid morning full sun, then shade after 4pm. too much sun? I keep it moist. using miracle grown garden soil mix. even if it doesn’t produce I would think it should grow at least one season.

    1. Fred – my first Brazzelberry planted in a container was murdered …. I gave it way to much water. My second plant did fabulous last summer on my Ohio front porch. I was sure that it got at least 4 yours of sun in the afternoon. Plants are just starting to wake up in my garden and I’m patiently waiting to see if my containers survived the horrible winter we had this past year. I kept the plants well protected in a corner outside of the greenhouse in containers. We will see…… I will keep you posted! Happy to connect with you!

  8. I’ve been buying blueberry plants from Fall Creek for years and always have been pleased with their quality. Haven’t grown Strawberry Shortcake Brazel Berries before, so I will be watching for your reviews in the future. Great post Bren!!