It’s Not Too Hot To Plant a Tomato

If I can grow a tomato successfully anyone can do it! I’ve been growing my own tomatoes for over 15 years now and today I’m even more excited to grow them because of all the great varieties that are available. There are patio – container varieties that will allow anyone to grow a tomato most anytime during the summer months. Today I’m sharing a quick video about two of my favorite patio / container tomato plants that are from Bonnie Plants. If I can plant these growers up on a hot 100*F day in July you can too!

It’s 100*F and I’m sharing with you a Quick Planting Tip!

This container is rocking it on my patio by the pond.  It sure is a conversation starter when friends stop by for some summer entertaining and you can guess that I’m happy to tell them all about how fun it is to grow your own veggies!

I’m contributing this post over at my friend Glenda’s Fertilize Friday event.  Please stop by her site and check out what other garden bloggers are flaunting from their gardens this Friday in July.

Happy Gardening … and stay cool friends!

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  1. these kind of post are always inspiring and i prefer to read quality content so i’m happy to find many good point here in the post, writing is simply great, thank you for the post.

    1. Jean – thank you for commenting! Please feel free to email me or comment on any post to ask questions about growing food. I’m more then happy to help you!