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Does every gardener take to birdwatching in the winter months?  At first last year when I started networking the birds I spotted and took photos of from my office window I felt a bit odd.  I guess I always thought of birdwatching as a hobby old people enjoyed doing because it was something you could do in the warmth of indoors without much activity involved.  Well after a few photo shares of the birds I had captured as they stopped by my Ohio garden, I noticed that birdwatching was something all ages were enjoying.  You can imagine my surprise to have a young 4-H Clover-bud who was a 2nd grader comment on a Blue Jay photo I shared on Facebook.

The Ladies Hangout
Nikon D-90 is my weapon of choice. I snapped this image with my Iphone4.

From the comfort of my home office about 15 feet from the window and 10 feet out into the garden,  I took this cozy photo of two female cardinals in the late December burning bush.  I’ve been keeping my Nikon D90 next to me with the 55-300 MM lens ready to shot at any given time.  Natural shots are fun outdoors to and I will journey out to the wooded area of our yard as soon as the ground freezes.  We’ve had so much rain this year our property has been Lake front this year in Ohio.   The best time to take photos in the woods is later afternoon when the temperature is around 20*f – 35*F .  I don’t mind wearing extra socks and using hand warmers to spend hours sitting in the deer blind the hunters left behind for me to use for my hunting with the camera.

It took FOREVER to get that photo of the cardinals on this partly sunny mild winter day.  The bird feeder was just filled with a new blend of seed just for the Midwestern song birds I was given to try out in my garden.  What gives?  The bird feed was yummy!  I couldn’t help but try a bite of a dried cherry. Seriously, look how yummy that food looks in the image collage below.   My green feeder is filled with  Midwestern Bird Blend with ingredients that include: Black oil sunflower, niger, white millet, safflower, peanuts, sunflower chips, raisins, canola seed, cherries.  Anything good enough for my guest is good enough for me to try!

Picking out Bird Food Can be Confusing – I went with the Midwestern Blend!’

It wasn’t until I got up to get another cup of coffee that I noticed to the right of the window where I was shooting there was one of my garden pets, Oppie Kitty on the prowl.  SHAME ON YOU KITTY!  I want to note that this kitty is a handicap kitty who had no back claws because of malnutrition when he was rescued and brought to us in 2005. I don’t think he could catch a bird if it was the last meal he ever had.

Shame on you Kitty ….. Oppie Kitty on the Prowl

I look forward to sharing more #birdwatching photos throughout the winter from my garden here in Ohio.

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10 thoughts on “Lazy Bird Watch

  1. I don’t consider birdwatching to be an elderly sport and I admire you for sharing your world with us. You are so lucky to live in such a magical place. I hope to visit your garden someday so I can experience it’s splendor you share in person. Merry Christmas to you and your darling family.

  2. I just use Steve Jobs website because we share the same name. Unfortunately Apple won’t share some stocks with me – right?! I’m loving this birdie share and I hope you share some of the photos from your back wooded area. You need to get your husband to put a heater in your blind this winter.

  3. There is something so magical about watching birds. I have feeders outside my door and every morning I sit there, sipping my coffee while watching all of my visitors, including squirrels. It’s so calming. And I can’t help thinking that there is so much we can learn by just watching. Thanks for sharing your lovely visitors with us! :-)

  4. We’ve got a pole feeder right outside the family room. I can sit on my couch and use my zoom to get up close and personal with those birds! I’ve had mostly blue jays so far this year, but I also saw that the dark-eyed juncos are back! I’ve heard the the nuthatches, but haven’t seen them at the hanging feeder yet. We’ve got a red-bellied woodpecker that hangs out in the maple tree outside the family room window, too. Bird watching is one of my very favorite winter hobbies! Great pics, Bren!

  5. After the holidays, I plan on working out on creating a birdy backyard. I’ve seen A LOT of interesting ideas out there on Pinterest, so I’m looking forward to seeing what I {and the step-son} can cook up! If we end up with something fantastical, I’m certain I will post a few pics of our masterpiece to share.

    Hope you’re doing well, Bren. Happy Holidays!

  6. You must be really patient to have gotten that 2nd photo. I’ve seen one cardinal at a time land near our windows in Michigan. But never two! Happy holidays!