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One of the highlights of being involved on Twitter is sharing and learning from my #gardenchat friends.  From time to time I get a questions that would make a creative blog post topic and this entry happens to be one of those posts.  Today I’m inviting you to join in on this topic as well as visit a few of my friends who are writing about where their blog names came from.   Monica is not the first garden friend to ask me ‘what does the G in BGgarden stand for …. your last name starts with an H!’.

My story is pretty simple – just like me!   I became a  BLOGGER when I started my first blog using Googles Blogger.  This account was first started in early 2008 and my intentions were to share information with my new Spark People Fitness group. My blog  was to help me stay on track with making healthy food choices and exercising excessively.   It totally didn’t keep me on track as I had hoped and I found myself sharing daily from my garden.

The screen grab above is off of my old site from April 2008 when I officially started sharing garden information on my blog.   My first blog was titled ‘Mom In Garden’ while sharing healthy living tips on this over network.  After a few months of networking I realized it was a very good thing I didn’t go with MOM in Garden because there are many garden loving mommy bloggers out there using that similar name.

It was very simple and some what of a no-brainer to pick BGgarden.  You see, that is where my garden is located.  I’m in Bowling Green, Ohio.   This garden is my life.  It is where we raise our children and grow with our friends.  Over on the cozy garden swing that I use as one of my trademark images is where I find myself and all the creative ways of living in zone 5b Ohio.

I hope you will click on over to Monica’s site at to enjoy the story  behind her name as well as the others who will be sharing.  If you have a blog I hope you will join in on the fun and share your story.

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8 thoughts on “Story Behind The Name

  1. Hi, Bren;
    Great meme you and Monica created! It’s been fun reading the stories. Ohio ~ I seem to meet a lot of bloggers from there! Must be wonderful growing conditions? I did my masters work in Columbus and Cinci, but I was not a gardener in my foolish 20’s.

    Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. I’m glad we’re connected. :)

  2. Hi Bren… It’s fun to learn where your blog name came from but even more fun to learn how you got started! I always wonder when I come upon popular gardening blogs if the people started out with a business strategy that helped them be so successful. I like your route better! An organic start like yours shows that you are in this because you’re passionate about it, and you are a natural too!

  3. Hi Bren,
    I enjoyed reading about how you got started blogging, and the changes you made along the way. I didn’t know the BG stood for Bowling Green. I just discovered this meme, and joined in late.

    1. Great to connect with you! Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. YES – B.G. is for Bowling Green and I hope you can come visit me sometime!