Two For Tuesday

I would rather be called a ‘Tweeter’ then a ‘blogger’ and in this short share I’ll tell you why.  When I wasn’t out in the garden today preparing for the cold days ahead I was at my desk putting the finishing touches on a podcast and networking the community growing on #gardenchat.    When I finally sat down do some sharing of all these garden related topics that had popped in my head over the past few days I drew a blank.    For the past few days I’ve snapped photos galore  and uploaded a few videos of Autumn arriving and yet I just couldn’t think.    What did I do?  I tweeted for help!

@HelenYoest was the first to tweet to me ‘Two For Tuesday’ and @SolakNC started sharing wonderful photos from his southern garden.

I combined the two suggestions and will share TWO of my favorite garden walk photos from my garden .

Thank you friends for inspiring me to share something from my garden here in #ohio.

Two Dogwood Seeds From my Autumn Garden

A Few of the Many Knock-Out Roses Blooming

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One thought on “Two For Tuesday

  1. When I first joined Twitter I was completely clueless and like many others I felt completely lost but as I used it more I found an extremely strong sense of community and I know exactly what you mean.

    Do you know what the most exciting thing about Twitter is to me is that I can share a stream of consciousness with others and they can share it with me….its basically almost as close to telepathy as you can get 😉 Love your post!