Spring Clean Up : Prepare the Tools

Spring Has Spring In My Garden

I’ve been very excited about the upcoming #gardenchat on Twitter this Monday evening not only because it is a great excuse to sit back after a long day of gardening with my growing connection but  because the topic is a sure sign that SPRING has Sprung!  Now we maybe enduring winter like temperatures but one look at the quickly greening grass and the early spring bulbs arriving in the landscape and there is NO DOUBT spring has arrived.

Time to open up the potting shed and get out the wheel barrows, shovels, rakes and pruners to prepare for some exciting new and healthy growth.   Today I had the privilege to speak with Chris Sabbarese who is the Digital Marketing & Communications Manager  for Corona Clipper, Inc. – Professional, Landscape & Garden tools.    Chris shares some important facts about maintenance for Corona tool users or ANY OTHER brand you may use in your garden that will help keep our gardens and landscape in top shape this upcoming season.   You will find that podcast at the bottom of this blog entry today.

Preparing The Soil For a Healthy Harvest

This is my second year using raised beds for my spring harvest.  I can’t wait to harvest some of my families favorites that are easy to grow like a few varieties of peas and lettuce.

The first thing that needs to be done in my raised beds for spring cleaning is to turn that soil.  The raised beds right outside the greenhouse I use have a layer of bunny compost on them that was added this winter.  The awesome thing about using bunny compost is that it breaks down super fast leaving me the easy job of just turning it with a hoe or smaller shovel.      Once the soil has been turned a few times it is ready to plant.  I will have to have something handing to cover the seeds once they start to sprout like a sheet or plastic cover because we get nights with frost up until mid-May that can damage those early crops.

#1 Lesson I’ve Learned with Spring Clean Up

If you are taking care of those tools properly as directed in the podcast I shared today with Chris Sabbarese, those tools are extra sharp.  Be sure to use caution when operating or transporting the pruners or loppers.

No Stitches Required This Time – USE CAUTION with the properly maintained tools.

The Corona Tools Resource Page Link at CoronaToolsUSA.com

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10 thoughts on “Spring Clean Up : Prepare the Tools

  1. Bren what a great seasonal topic! Cleaning up our tools is something many of us overlook. Tools that aren’t clean and sharp mean extra work for gardeners and reduced performance from the tool. Just like any investment, if you take care of your tools, they will perform for you, season after season. Thanks for talking to us at Corona tools and sharing this information with gardeners.

  2. Great podcast Bren, learned some great stuff. I love the sand and oil trick in the bucket for your tools. Makes them easy to grab and to put away.

  3. Ouch! Be careful with those sharp tools. I missed the podcast and I know my tools aren’t as sharp as they should be. =/