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I’ve never had so many houseplants living healthy in my home until after I came in contact with Melissa of Costa Farms. You all know I’m a very busy Mom who enjoys growing in our home greenhouse and sharing the images with the network hoping to inspire but I’m just as excited to share my new found love for the houseplant.  Sad to admit that I use to have a few houseplants that were from funerals or from a hospital visit.  It is exciting to discover that houseplants are more then just ‘well wishes’.  I have  always been big on growing herbs or having some type of cut flower in my interior and even a few silk arrangements just to add a splash of color on those drab winter months.  Today I have over a dozen house plants throughout my home that bring healthy living as well as color interest to my home.    One of the exciting new plant additions to my home is the beautiful yet very intimidating orchid.  I have been overwhelmed with the benefits of  these captivating bloomers to my surroundings that I am sharing just about every orchid I come in contact with via my network on Twitter.   With these shares I have also asked Costa Farms to please share with us the facts about growing orchids.

Melissa has the best job ever! On the job at Extreme Make Over in Savannah Ga. with the Deen Family

In addition to asking Costa Farms to share with us for a fun filled hour tonight on #gardenchat I was honored to talk candid with their Communications Manager Melissa Arteaga Marti.  I just love Melissa’s networking from their adventures with ABC’s Extreme Makeover.  It has been entertaining as well as inspiring to see her on the job with some amazing folks in the entertaining industry via her Facebook shares.  It was wonderful to hear all about her trip to Savannah, Georgia where she got to be on a project with the Deen Family.  Y’all know I am HUGE fan of Paulas’ only I try to add less butter and more garden when I bring her recipes to my kitchen.   Melissa tells me that Paula Deen is everything I thought she was from being a fan of her magazine and Food Network  recipe shares.  We talked about the Deen Family on the podcast included in this blog entry as well.  I hope you enjoy the podcast below that is filled with some breaking news for the #gardenchat participants and also some fun adventures that are coming soon for all of us who enjoy growing in home & garden.

Please Share with me your thoughts about orchids by commenting on this blog post.  Do they scare you or do you see them for how easy they really are to grow?

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14 thoughts on “Costa Farms : Orchids, Houseplants and Exciting News

  1. wooo Hoo! It is sure nice to hear the voices of those we email, and chat online with! Great Podcast girls!!! I can’t wait for gardenchat tonight…
    I am anxious to learn more about my Orchids she sent me last week!

  2. What an awesome interview and podcast Bren! It was great! And how exciting to come into work today to find Costa Farms orchid on my desk. How cool is that? And the “ABC how-to” care instructions looks like this is one even I can keep alive. Thanks and kudos to both you and Melissa!


  3. Wonderful, this is precisely what I was shooting for! This article just saved me alot of digging around

    I’ll make certain to put this in good use!

  4. I love orchids and after killing a few of them, I’m slowly getting braver about trying out different ones. Right now I have a couple cymbidiums and a phaleonopsis and I hope to add more. The challenge is getting them to re-bloom. I suspect it’s because I don’t feed them regularly enough.

  5. Great Podcast Bren! I may be even brave enough to grow one myself! I have heard great things about costa farms. I can’t wait to check them out more!