Potato Comfort on Cold Winter Day

I don’t think I have ever seen so much hot air coming from my neighbors.

After enduring a day in with temperatures in the teens , tonight’s dinner needed to be one that filled our home with warmth and comfort.  What other food can do that then a yummy roast all dressed up with some potatoes in the pot? Be sure to click here for my ROAST recipe. This was the last dish that would have potatoes from my summer harvest because the pantry is empty.   I was sure to save a couple that had eyes on them with hopes of using them to plant in early spring.

In the image above you will see two potatoes that were the last of the harvest this year.  I also have a brown paper bag in the image that is not for the bottles of wine but for the treasured potatoes.  These potatoes will be stored  in dry yet cool location which just so happens to be the perfect place where I store some favorite wines.    My hopes are that these spuds will sprout and I will be able to cut them to plant in a few months.

Spring 2010 was my first year to grow my own potatoes.  I had a blast doing this and it was super easy.  Please visit my post from the day I harvested my first batch : Taytos Have Arrived.

Below is another favorite recipe of mine that is super easy to make anytime of the year.

I hope you can use the potato recipe above or at least you were inspired to scrub up some spuds of your own.    I would love to hear some of your potato thoughts so please leave a comment below.  If you have grown potatoes I would be honored to have you share some growing tips and maybe some varieties to look for.    Wish you much warmth and comfort on this winters day.

This will be my first share for the #GardenChatRecipe shares.  Jen of @4bratz2luv always has the best shares on Monday that will get you out of the kitchen in time for the garden chatter.   We decided to make a category on our blogs loaded with easy recipes that will allow you to cook up a yummy meal for your family and be on your way in time for #gardenchat.

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5 thoughts on “Potato Comfort on Cold Winter Day

  1. Your potatoes look so good. I love roasted potatoes! I did not know you could grow potatoes saving some from last year! I do not have space for them, but have always wanted to grow my own. Fresh potatoes are out of this world!

    1. You don’t have space to grow the potatoes? A few of the Twitter friends on #gardenchat have grown them in buckets. I’ll have to give that a try and maybe you can too to save on space. Roasted potatoes is a great idea for those rustic tatos! Thank you for sharing Susan.