Moo-Poo for the Holiday

This was the first year in my 22 years of being a home owner that my husband and I are celebrate Christmas with a real tree.   The idea of having a real tree always fascinated me but it just seemed we were always gone for the Holidays and a real tree definitely needs extra TLC.   This Holiday season we have some major renovations going on in our home so extra time to set up the 12′ fake tree gave me more of a reason to try a real tree.   The adventure out to the local garden center to pick out a tree and haul it home was time well spent with my best friend/husband.  It was easier to go purchase a tree for under $40 and a tree stand then to go through the hassle of hauling this HUGE storage box filled with tree branches and then straightening the branches on the fake tree we’ve celebrated with for about six years now.  I still can’t get over the wonderful pine fragrance this frasier fir is  filling our home with making it WELL worth the purchase.

Remember I mentioned the extra TLC I had always heard the real tree needs?  It really hasn’t been that bad as far as extra care.  I spent the evening decorating the tree with treasures from my garden and I dare not use my hand made tree skirts I normally use with the fake trees because I’ve been told sap can drop from the tree onto the floor. I have yet to witness any sap but to be on the safe side I am using a burlap fabric at the base of the tree for the skirt this year.   As of day 9 of having the real tree in our main room there really hasn’t been any extra issues like I expected.

In fact, I have made some extra TLC rituals myself by using my manure tea brewing water that is prepared for my indoor plants in the live tree water reservoir.  Not sure what this will do for the cut live tree but I can say it does wonders for my greenhouse blooms and houseplants.    The brew is super easy to prepare and it just feels right to be adding the extra nutrients to something that is providing so much Holiday spirit to our home.  Who knows, maybe this will give us a few extra weeks to enjoy the tree before it starts to drop it’s needles.   I’ll be sure to keep you posted on this project as we head into the New Year.  Until then, please consider using all natural brew to feed your flowers and plants in your home.

The manure tea bags I use are by Authentic Haven  Brand  Manure Tea.  I’m adding Annie’s tea bag collection  to the top of my Holiday Gifts for the Gardeners list.  What better way to keep your plants their greenest during the Holidays than to grow them healthy and natural using a organic brew?    Be sure to visit The Haven Brand website to see what gardeners are saying about manure tea.  Also be sure to check out Moo-Poo on page 57 of  Delish Magazine this month.    As a gift from Annie I would like to invite you to try her product by clicking the link below and receive a free manure tea bag with your purchase from Annies site.  ( after December 28 please click here ).

I would love to hear from you if you have any extra tips you can provide me with concerning having a healthy real tree in your home for the Holidays.

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13 thoughts on “Moo-Poo for the Holiday

  1. I’m glad to hear about your “real” Christmas Tree, I myself have never had a fake tree, although it’s seems they have gotten increasingly popular the last few years. Keeping the reservoir filled with water is the most important thing you can do for your tree. You will have to add water at least twice a day for the first week. It also helps to keep it from direct heat from the heater or fireplace. Enjoy the fresh scent and have a wonderful holiday!

    PS: After Christmas, chop your tree up and put it in the compost bin for a bit of acidity in your soil.

    1. Thank you for stopping by Twitter friend! YES – this is my first year and I’m loving it. I love your composting tip – much better then adding it to the bon-fire. Merry Christmas!

  2. Which of the tea are you using to water the tree? I want to use it too, I just am not sure which is best for the live tree. I just recieved my moo poo and am new at which is best for what. tell me please. I can’t even imagine not having a real tree. It is one of our favorite traditions. We started the first year we were married. This is our 30th Christmas tree this year. whew, can I be that old? Now that you have that real fragrance you will never want to go back to the fake one. AFter Christmas (if i have strung popcorn and cranberries) I put mine out on the side of my house laying down for the birds. they love it.

    1. I used the Cow Manure brew in the tree base because that is what I had brewed up for my Costa Farms houseplants. I’m think that would be the right one to use for this project. The Alfalfa is great for building up the soil from my experience. I use that in the greenhouse for the new seeds and from Oct – January to help get those roots strong after moving annuals / perennials into the greenhouse for the winter. Those plants in-dour (sp?) a major cutting when I move them into the greenhouse. They pop right back up with new growth when I use the alfalfa. I AM CONSTANTLY picking Annie’s brain for moo-poo information so be sure to ask her any additional questions you may have.

      Thanks for sharing your tree thoughts with me Teresa – you are so right about not being able to do fake again!

  3. I’m so glad that you’re enjoying the live tree Bren! Truly, there’s no comparison. I hadn’t thought of using the Moo Poo on the Christmas tree, but it makes sense. The really neat thing is that folks won’t have to worry about any offensive odor in their homes. It’s all about the scent and beauty of the tree!

  4. Hi Brenda: I’m so pleased to hear how you are enjoying the lovely sent of your first real Christmas tree in your home. Yes, I am here and happy to answer any questions your readers may have about my line of Authentic Haven Brand “Moo Poo Teas” it’s my pleasure to be providing 100% natural nutrients in easy to brew and feed form for all size garden growers. Merry Christmas to you and your family, I look forward to growing with you. Annie Haven

  5. I brewed some manure tea with Annie’s blend and my eggplants did great this past year. I love the product so much that I offered a free bag of it to my customers as a Christmas special. It’s great stuff!

  6. Wow, your first real Christmas Tree! That is wonderful and the smell should be a special gift for you. I love the smells of a fresh tree. Hope you have a Merry Christmas. I loved looking at your holiday shots…

    1. yee-haw… HEY GIRL!~ I love your blog and so excited you stopped by. YES, this is my first real tree and I’m loving it. Merry Christmas dear friend – and here’s to a fun fabulous New Year!

  7. Hey Bren! This year was our second year to have a real tree…there’s nothing else like it! I enjoy the fragrance they give off and I enjoy taking my family to pick one out and cut it down!