Red Bows for the Holiday Landscape

Handmade Holiday Red Bows dress up the landscape and the Winter Garden.

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Easy and inexpensive – make your own red holiday bows.

These bows are super easy to make and over a dozen large bows will cost you around .50cents each.  You will need to get a 50 feet spool of red velvet ribbon and some burlap twine to make these creations for your garden.  In the video above I share with you easy steps on how to put these bows together.  Please contact me if you have any questions.

Happy Holidays from my Midwest Garden – Bren

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9 thoughts on “Red Bows for the Holiday Landscape

  1. Cheryl – I hope you come back check out the video on how to make the red bows. My youtube link didn’t work on the first try of publishing this post.