P.Allen Smith / Raising Backyard Chickens

Guest host P Allen Smith joined #gardenchat on October 11 at 9 p.m. (ET) answering your questions and sharing his knowledge and tips for raising backyard chickens.  I don’t think anyone left that chat not wanting a few hens of their own!   If you missed this event you can check out the transcript atTranscript for 10/11/10 #Gardenchat / P.Allen Smith

P.Allen Smiths’ Home Collection

Also be sure to check out P.Allen Smiths Garden Home Site.

I had the privilege of meeting Mr. Allen in Chicago at the IGC show this summer.  I was on assignment for The Garden World Report. My images of P.Allen Smiths Garden Home products will be featured at on The Garden World Report in the months to come.    My favorite items in the display at the IGC / Chicago show was the Christmas wreaths featuring dried fruit.  You are going to love his collection this Holiday so be sure to watch for P.Allen Smith Holiday Collection in stores soon.

Join is next week for the #gardenchat on Twitter where Shawna Coronado will be sharing her information on Growing a Front Yard Vegetable Garden.

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5 thoughts on “P.Allen Smith / Raising Backyard Chickens

    1. We had a great time last night asking P.Allen Smith questions about raising chickens. I am glad you found this link useful. Maybe you can join us next time!

  1. I wanted to comment on this event you talked about at the garden center tour yesterday. We admire your love for gardening and can’t wait to see your shares. Be sure to tell Mr. Smith he as a fan base in Bowling Green, Ohio. Thank you Bren!