Baby Bunnies Have Arrived!

On Saturday one of our Netherland Dwarf senior does’ gave birth to four healthy new kits. IF you are not familar with rabbit-lingo ‘kit’ means ‘babies’. I’m super excited to share some photos of the new babies with you today. It is amazing that they are showing fur color at such a young age. They appear to be healthy little bunnies.

New kits in the Country Side Rabbitry

In the image above on the right top you will see inside the nesting box. The bottom right image is the mommy watching on as we remove the box to check the kits out. The Mommy bunnies name is ‘Baby’. She is the sweetest little critter ever. Every day when I walk through the rabbitry to water the herbs and veggies growing in the greenhouse she stands on her back paws just waiting for me to pet her!

Pet rabbits are a wonderful addition to any home and garden. They make wonderful pets and their waste makes wonderful compost that is easy to use in any garden. The benefits from owning a rabbit for your garden and the green aspect is unbelievable. The compost they produce breaks down quick enough to use almost immediately. I would recommend a smaller breed like the Netherland Dwarf. This variety eats less (up to 2 oz. a day) and can live comfortably in a small space. Our Rabbitry is attached to the greenhouse where we raise any where from 15 -25 rabbits each year. We not only enjoy the company of our rabbits we also breed them for competition showing. Below is a slide show I put together featuring a few of our favorite images. Please feel free to contact me if you would like more information about owning your own rabbit.

Country Side Rabbitry Photo Album

Are you ready for the weekend? It is almost here and I got plenty of work to do in the garden so excuse me if I go MIA for a few days! I hope you have a fabulous time with whatever you do with your time this first weekend of Summer. Happy Digging from my garden in the Midwest -Bren


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    1. YES… the ‘cute attack’ saying came from a comment you left on my facebook long ago! Thanks Cindy for stopping by!

    1. Wait a few days….. I will post a new baby photo and it will amazing you to how much CUTER they get! Thanks for stopping by!

    1. They are super fun to raise and have as pets! The Netherland Dwarf Rabbits do not eat much and their poop can be used in any garden. YOU can even use thie compost if you live in town because it is so small. EASY To let compost ( short time… little space) and amazing on the indoor and outdoor plants. P.S. I love your site : thank you for stopping by my site as well!